From shop displays to shopper transactions

Shop Displays and Shop-in-Shop Solutions

Over 70% of shoppers' purchasing decisions are still taken on the shop floor. Our challenge: to influence shoppers to buy your products, using Shop Display Solutions! With over 70 years of experience in the world of displays we know better than anyone else what is needed: knowledge about the shop floor, about your brand and shoppers, maximum creativity, knowledge about what is feasible and functional, i.e. elements aimed at having a relevant impact on the shop floor. Drai has a 'material-free' way of thinking and can accompany you from creative concept development through technical design and production to delivery and installation on the shop floor. In short: display solutions that count!

Our Core Activities

For over 70 years already, Drai Display Solutions has been the leading specialist in the area of semi-permanent and permanent Shop Display Solutions, renowned for its reliable quality and craftsmanship. Our product range includes:

Drai thinks in terms of tailor-made display solutions. This is what we are good at and what we focus on. Our branch offices in Apeldoorn (the Netherlands) and Mechelen (Belgium) are tightly coupled with the market, which allows us to react swiftly to feedback on design, prototyping and production and to make last-minute slight adjustments quickly and flexibly. Drai is designed to assist you straight through the whole project, including draft, prototype, technical design, production as well as assembly and on-the-spot installation, if desired.

Virtually all materials and production capabilities in-house

Drai's entire production, practically, is concentrated at its production site in Apeldoorn, allowing it to meet the demands of contractors quickly and effectively. To this end, it has the most up-to-date equipment and well-trained and experienced staff. This policy has enabled Drai to acquire knowhow and experience in most of the display-related production processes over the last seven decades:

  • vacuum forming of plastics;
  • thermoforming, gluing, milling of plastics;
  • lasering and punch nibbeling of metal sheets;
  • (metal) wire processing using aligning machines, bending robots and welding robots;
  • squaring of materials using several squaring benches;
  • Epoxy powder coating;
  • CNC milling, sawing and cutting;
  • wood processing and modelling;
  • digital roll-to-roll and flatbed printing of several materials;
  • screen printing;
  • computer-controlled processing of top cards and full colour prints;
  • final installation and assembly.

Drai's thinking is not limited by materials and as a result it makes the right combinations to do justice to the client's specific challenge. We will gladly tell you more about the opportunities that Drai offers.